About us

 Small Business, Family Run.

Atelier 38 is a family run business based in the Beautiful Surrey Hills. We strive to produce artisan natural wax candles, that not only look beautiful, but smell incredible too. Interior styled, cleaner burning, longer lasting.

All Natural

Our candles are made from all-natural, sustainably sourced Soy Wax and cotton wicks. Soy wax has excellent fragrance-holding qualities resulting in our scented candles giving a long-lasting and even scent throughout the time they burn.  As a 100% natural wax, ambient temperature changes may affect the surface of the wax or how it resets after burning. Sometimes small cracks appear if it is cold, or after burning small dimples or blemishes may appear in the surface as it resets.  We do not see these as imperfections and they do not affect the quality of the candle, or how it burns, they are simply part of the character of a 100% natural vegetable wax candle.

Stunning Fragrances

Our sense of smell is the most evocative sense. A familiar smell can bring back a treasured memory or transport you to a long forgotten place, it can calm, relax or uplift your mood. Drawing on our travels and the countryside around us, we use only the best quality fragrance oils in our candles to create scents that evoke memories and feelings.

Hand poured in small batches

As an artisan product, each and every candle is made by hand from beginning to end, in our Surrey Hills Studio. We produce our candles in small batches to ensure the quality of our product at every stage.